Working Period/Year

PhD researcher
Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) & University of Tsukuba, Japan
(4 ½ years)
Sept 2011 - May 2016

Part-time Lecturer

Social & Preventive Medicine Department, Medical Faculty, University Malaya

(4 months)
Sept – Dec 2011

Administrative Research Assistant (Volunteer)

City of Holdfast Bay, South Australia, Australia

(4 months)
Feb - May 2011


Scientific Officer,
Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia,
Jan 2000 – current
(> 17 years)

Institute for Medical Research

• Epidemiology & Biostatistics Unit

• Herbal Medicine Research Centre

(>4 years)

• July 2015 – current
(> 2 years)

• Sept 2013 - July 2015
(1 ½ years)

* Sept 2010 - Aug 2013 (unpaid leave to accompany spouse overseas)

Head of Haematology Unit,
National Blood Centre
(6 months)
Mar 2010 – Aug 2010
Clinical Epidemiology Unit, Clinical Research Centre (CRC) (7 months)
Aug 2009 – Feb 2010

Engineering Services Division, Ministry of Health

• Hospital Unit, Operations Section (Hospital Support Services)

• World Health Organization (WHO) Technical Liaison Officer for the Ministry of Health

• Scientific Unit, Environmental Health Engineering Section

(4 years 11 months)

• Nov 2007 – July 2009
  (1 year 9 months)

• Nov 2006 – Nov 2007
  (1 year)

• Aug 2004 – Nov 2006
  (2 years 4 months)

Head of Water Quality Control Unit, Environmental Health Engineering, State Health Department, Negeri Sembilan (4 years 7 months)
Jan 2000 – July 2004
Medical Laboratory Technologist Taman Desa Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur (3 months)
July 1999 – Sept 1999
Research Assistant Immunology Laboratory, Biochemistry Department, Medical Faculty, University Malaya (3 months)
April 1998- June 1998
Secretarial/ Accounts (Family business) Merdeka Trading Corporation, Kuala Lumpur (9 years)
1994 – 2002


Principal Scientific Officer, Epidemiology & Biostatistics Unit, Institute for Medical Research (IMR), Ministry of Health Malaysia
(July 2015 – current) (> 2 years)

Key responsibilities :

  • Undertake research activities in public health/epidemiology i.e. writing proposal, research planning, field-work / data collection, data analysis, report/manuscript writing and publication/presentation of papers

Key achievements :

  • data analysis and completion of cancer prevalence & surveillance system evaluation
  • ongoing projects are Zika sero-prevalence, diphteria and TB related national projects



PhD at Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and University of Tsukuba, Japan
(Sept 2011 – May 2016) (4 ½ years)

Key responsibilities :

  • Involved in establishing the Ecological Engineering laboratory - identifying & purchasing equipments, budget management & resource management 
  • Characterization of freshwater algal bloom -  fieldwork (water sampling) & laboratory work (analysis of relevant parameters), liaise & build networks with relevant water & dam authorities
  • Algae suppression/remediation experiments using electrolysis (Advanced Oxidation Technology, AOT)
  • Mathematical simulation to generate a continuous model for future application of electrolysis at pre-treatment stage of water treatment plant
  • Involved in Ringen-Nyoku Sustainable Environment teaching programme for Bachelor students

Key achievements :

  • Reviewed 6 papers : 2 for Bioresource Technology (Impact Factor = 5.65), 2 for local journal (Pertanika, Universiti Putra Malaysia), 1 for English review and and 1 for OzWater Conference, Australia (2014)
  • Published 2 papers
  • Presented in 9 conferences (4 international and 5 local, 4 oral and 5 posters)


Principal Scientific Officer, Herbal Medicine Research Centre, Institute for Medical Research (IMR), Ministry of Health Malaysia
(Sept 2013 – July 2015) (1 ½ years)

Key responsibilities :

  • Establishment of facility team and microbial monitoring for Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) certified non-clinical animal research facility (OECD certification)
  • National Chemical Pathology QAP Subcommittee Secretariat and member of National R&D Subcommittee for the profession of 'biochemists' in Malaysia.

Key achievements :

  • Successfully established and implemented Microbial Monitoring for GLP (OECD accreditation)


Part-time Lecturer, Social & Preventive Medicine Department, Medical Faculty, University Malaya
(Sept – Dec 2011) (4 months)

Water quality surveillance for public and private water supplies, as well as environmental health topics for Master of Public Health and Master of Medical Science (Public Health).

Administrative Research Assistant (Volunteer), City of Holdfast Bay, South Australia, Australia
(Feb – May 2011) (4 months)

Key responsibilities:

  • Undertake research into jurisdictional matters and challenges associated with coastal management, both terrestrial and marine.
  • Undertake literature review on stormwater management across local and state governments with particular emphasis on Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD)
  • Undertake activities with regards to findings of Adelaide Coastal Water Study by Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO).
  • Liaising with organizations including but not limited to Environment Protection Authority (EPA), South Australian Water Corporation (SA Water), Department for Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Department for Water and other local government bodies

Key achievements:

  • Final report and initiated communications with relevant stakeholders on stormwater and coastal water in-line with the Adelaide Coastal Water Quality Improvement Plan (ACWQIP)

Principal Scientific Officer, National Blood Centre, Ministry of Health Malaysia
(Mar – Aug 2010) (6 months)

Key responsibilities:

  • Head of haematology unit, managing laboratory functions, resources and a team of 13 staff
  • Ensuring compliance to National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA-Australian accreditation) & managing implementation of Proficiency Testing and External Quality Assurance.
  • Manage inventory, purchase and suppliers, calibration and maintenance of laboratory equipments, training of staff, technical preparation and compliance to ISO, OH&S policies.

Key achievements:

  • Problem-solving on validation of a highly sensitive haematology analyser

Senior Scientific Officer (Research), Clinical Research Centre, Ministry of Health Malaysia
(Aug 2009 – Feb 2010) (7 months)

Key responsibilities:

  • Managing and conducting public health / clinical epidemiology research projects
  • Preparation and submission of research protocol/proposal for budget and ethics approval by National Medical Research Register (NMRR) and MOH Research Ethics Committee (MREC)
  • Data management, data analysis and manuscript writing for publication.

Key achievements:

  • Data analysis and manuscript writing for papers on mortality trends, death certification and 'Incidence of Cardiovascular Diseases and Mortality for 2006-2008 in Malaysia' papers, Clinical Research Centre (CRC), 2009-2010

Senior Scientific Officer, Engineering Services Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia
(Nov 2007 – Jul 2009) (1 year 9 months)

Key responsibilities:

  • Managing Cleansing Services of Privatised Hospital Support Services of Ministry of Health; handling chemical approval procedures/issues, development of national policies/guidelines and handling Technical and Operational Committees
  • Conducting hospital audits for monitoring and technical control such as on disinfectants/chemical use, infection control practices and risk assessment
  • Prepare Business Plan, Key Performance Indicator & Annual Performance Report for Hospital Support Services
  • Secretariat for Committee on Environmental Infection Control & Remediation Measures on Fungus Infestation in Hospitals involving investigation, reports & capacity building.

Key achievements:

  • Drafted ‘Environmental & Engineering Infection Control for Construction & Refurbishment, and Demolition in Healthcare Facilities Guidelines’
  • Drafted sections of Environmental Infection Control Policies and Procedures
  • Developed Tender Evaluation Checklist for Decontamination Works.

World Health Organization (WHO) Technical Liaison Officer, under the Deputy DG (Research & Technical), Ministry of Health Malaysia
(Nov 2006 – Nov 2007) (1 year)

Key responsibilities:

  • Developing strategies and policies to strengthen WHO-MOH collaboration.
  • Liaise with WHO Office in Malaysia and all technical divisions of MOH to monitor and facilitate progress of projects under the WHO Programme Budget.

Key achievements:

  • Excellent acceleration of progress for WHO Programme Budget (WHO–funded projects)
  • Developed guidelines and  web page for 'WHO-MOH Collaboration'
  • Prepared 'Intervention Notes' for the 58th Session of the WHO Regional Committee for Western Pacific Region.

Scientific Officer, Engineering Services Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia
(Aug 2004 – Nov 2006) (2 years 4 months)

Key responsibilities:

  • Providing scientific advice, conduct data analysis, evaluation and technical reports, development and revision of guidelines/manuals, and policy setting for National Drinking Water Quality Surveillance Programme (NDWQSP)
  • Conduct field investigation, sanitary survey for water supply systems, water treatment plant audits, research and investigation, and prepare all technical reports in relation to NDWQSP
  • Implement quality control activities, ensuring compliance through technical audits or visits, follow-up of auditees for continuous improvements
  • Advice and support state health departments including on purchase and supplies of water quality monitoring equipments
  • Technical advice and presentations at state government, other ministries, international conferences, technical committee meetings.
  • Conduct training for staff, also as lecturer and examiner for Diploma in Environmental Health and Environmental Health Postgraduate for Public Health Institute Malaysia

Key achievements:

  • Research Management, Data Analysis & Report for Study on Pesticides in Estate Water Supplies in Malaysia Phase I 2004 and Phase II 2005 for Ministry of Health, 2005 – 2006
  • Committee for Drafting of National Safe Drinking Water Act, 2006
  • Produced detailed and comprehensive Operational Guidelines for NDWQSP, 2003-2005
  • Analysis & Evaluation Report on Sanitary Survey and Health Risk Assessment of Water Supply Systems in Malaysia 2000-2003

Scientific Officer, Negeri Sembilan State Health Department, Ministry of Health Malaysia
(Jan 2000 – Jul 2004) (4 years 7 months)

Key responsibilities :

  • Head of National Drinking Water Quality Surveillance Programme (NDWQSP) at state level : planning & budget management and development/review of policies/guidelines
  • Consultancy, presentations at inter and intra-departmental meetings, state government meetings, scientific meetings and national conferences
  • Compliance of NDWQSP policies, conduct regular audits/inspections and advise to the district Environmental Health Officers/Inspectors.
  • Conduct analysis and evaluation of all chemical & biological data, sanitary survey and health risk assessment (HRA), investigation & inter-agency research activities for water supply systems in the state. Preparing all technical & evaluation reports.
  • Conducting training and giving lectures/talks to internal and external staff, manage inventory of water test kits/equipments, purchase and supplies, ensure proper usage, calibration and maintenance of equipments.
  • State health surveillance at national/international conferences, events and emergencies/disasters such as food poisoning, water quality outbreak, floods & water crisis.
  • Environmental and public health activities some of which are epidemiological and disease control, toxic waste management, indoor air quality and food quality investigations.

Key achievements:

  • Leadership role - Drinking Water Quality and Sanitation Monitoring for SEA GAMES XXI ( 8-17 Sept 2001) and for SUKMA (Malaysian games) (2004)
  • Leadership role to assist State Executive Committee in the Main Committee for State Drinking Water Quality Improvement Workshop, 6-7 May 2003
  • Development and advice - ISO 9000 : 2000 documentation for NDWQSP, 2004
  • Disease control / Epidemiology activities & reporting at SARS Operation Room, State Health Department, 2003
  • Public & Private Water Quality Reports & Presentations to State Government Secretary and State Utilities (Energy, Water & Telecommunications) Action Committee, 2004
  • Head of Research for Sungai Linggi Water Supply Sanitary Survey for Negeri Sembilan State Health Department, 2002 & Pesticide Study in Estate Water Supply 2004
  • National trainer : Water Sampling and Investigation Protocols, Sanitary Survey and Health Risk Assessment for Water Supply System/Water Treatment Plants, Sanitary Survey and Investigation of Estate Water Supplies/Systems.


Research Assistant (Immunology), Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur
(April 1998 – June 1998) (3 months)

Providing assistance during 3rd year semester holidays for research titled 'Lectins : Perspective in Biomedical Technology' at Immunology Lab, Dept of Molecular Biology (previously known as Dept of Biochemistry), Medical Faculty, University Malaya


Secretarial (Family business), Merdeka Trading Corporation
(1994 – 2002) (9 years)

Development of accounting system, international relations, business correspondence, interpretation of food analysis chemistry reports.

Water Quality Investigation at Water Catchment

Site visit at a Water Treatment Plant